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Article: toy Tokyo // SDCC 2007 Report


toy Tokyo // SDCC 2007 Report

Historical store of the big apple, toy Tokyo is to the urban figurine in New York what Medicom is to toy quality in Japan. Close to New York artists (Kaws you know? He's a young man who arrives we should hear about it soon) but also small independent Japanese structures (secret base camps at home), they offer visors an incalculable number of Artists in dedication and they bring back for the occasion half of their shop in swollen windows of Bea@rbrick and other rarities that we rarely see on Ebay. Passage obliged to these crazy figurine ... Oh be@rbricks! Tokyoplastic - Black Geisha Mori Chack - Vinyl gloomy Black Geisha And in addition it turns! Secret base Window Display + Other Devilrobots sweets SB SB SB SB !! Cracktoyz Windowz !!! Beatles Kubrick, Beatles VCD ?, Buff Monster White ExcludedBeatles & Buff Monster + XDaniel Johnston Green Frog (The Proto suffered a bit I have the impression) Daniel Johnston A big toy In a plastic bag, that must not be important since it was excited Kaws 4 Feet Go a little slew of Be@rbrick And other things a little loose, connoisseurs with a sharp eye will recognize ... Birbric Birbriquuuu Be@rbrick onion row More Bears! Ron English 400% Exclusive + Liberty Black + Honey B. Mad Barbarians version Ron English TIEDE CAMERON I don't know who it's but it's nice Who Knows What is it? Saturdays

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