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Article: SDCC 2008 - Munky King Preview


SDCC 2008 - Munky King Preview

Munky King The Californian Munky King manufacturer takes his time and thwarts each of his outings, so that it took a year to see Prods arrive that were presented at the 2007 SDCC. We are starting to be used to, no worries. Especially when the projects are good. 3 releases limited to 150 pieces and in a black / metal tone. Do not confuse with "black metal sounds".

Eyegore - Ace of Spades (exclusive SDCC) From The PizzOld old Old on the Californian Lowbrow Stage, this figurine Eyegore7 inches is a tribute to 3 representatives of this culture, including Von Dutch, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and Robt. WMS. He has amalgamated the styles and signatures of each with a strong Wehrmachtian-inspired dose and chrome effects to give what he presents as a tribute to this Hotrod culture and its founders. From von Dutch he took over the octaking globe flying, Ed Roh he took the face of Rat Fink, and Robert Williams the coootcy cootchy character. A very Californian figurine in short.Munky King A first also (finally) for the monkey king Munky King, magcotte reviewed and corrected by Nathan jurevicius. Metal effect rather well felt, waiting to see better photos. Koibito And finally the Koibito of Yoskay Yamamoto whose sculpture had made a sensation last year. Here is a first black, delicate and beautiful version of this fish-headed character created by the artist to become based in Los Angeles. It puts in picture the term "Fish Out of the water" that suits him perfectly in time as Japanese artist residing in California.

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