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Article: SDCC 2008 - Strangeco Preview


SDCC 2008 - Strangeco Preview

It was tonight that the SDCC begins, San Diego Comic con, huge convention dedicated to comics culture and all that around. Hundreds of stands, thousands of very serious cosplayers, tons of novelties and millions of dollars that will once again circulate with hands. It is obviously for us to take the temperature on the current and future trends in our little world (which gets generously gently, however, to judge by the number of brands represented). The opportunity for the Toycoms to offer exclusive versions, releases of novelties, dedications in all directions and have fun despite everything. We will follow it closely (although from afar), but do in a few posts the overview of the exclusive figurines that will be offered for sale for 5 days. New and future releases will be presented as and when. Let's start with strageco ...

 King Kun King Kun, fruit of the collaboration between James Jarvis and Bounty Hunter, the old old, will be available in two versions, the Regular Black (Bxh Edition) which is already exited in Japan, and the Gray (Amos Edition) which shows a little more relief on the face. King Ken Series 1 Mysterious teaser supposed to represent a King Ken of James Jarvis, HM what can it be well. So either you expect the pictures to be sure, either you believe us when you say it's the King Ken Series 1 Who is a series of Mini King Ken with lots of new colors. Trust Nobody? CAPT'N CLAW "Premiering at the sdcc" as they say, a figurine created by Greg "Craola" Simking entitled CAPT'N ROTNCLAW. As almost all their house releases, it will be gray / platinum. If someone understands one day the "trick" around Craola, let me follow the info under discreet fold, thank you. Cactus Friends Tokidoki will also have his characters in Silver / Silver version Cactus pups Bulletto Of which Bulletto, last arrived in the family. VIVISECT PLAYSET A special version of the VIVISECT PLAYSET With a prison box containing all the characters in the series. Observe gid A very pure version and gid of observing the March-1 Boy Karma GID Booska GID versions of Boy Karma (Mark Nagata) and Booska (Martin Ontiveros) Tripasu And like Max Toy will be part of Strangeco, full of Kajus Fifous, of which Tribesu, 5 pieces hand-painted by Mark Nagata. Collab Maxtoy X Cronic Rumble Monsters Pharaoh Rumble Monsters Pharaohhand-painted Gold Eyezon Gold Eyezon, painted with the help of the hand.

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