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Article: SDCC 2008- Scott Tolleson


SDCC 2008- Scott Tolleson

Doc von block [/summerbreak] We continue with two charming surprises on the part of a newcomer, in the person of Scott Tolnesson Who bluff his world with these two radically different toys. The first, Doc von block, all in resin and the top of its 6 feet with its air of old scientist with the crazy style enjoying a style of painting that could be closer to the paintings at the Amanda Vesell with this faded effect and its imperfections on the surface. Accompanied by a mysterious vial and the second realization, completely different should pay attention to the flies that it risks to gobble, even if the speed to which it imagines that it can run a lot less than a Valentino Rossi. Tricycle terror, pure American style drawing, clumsy cartoon side with irregular curves and a nice pop merchant with wink Old-School. The Booboite is as vintage as the illustration that gave life to the figurine. An artist to follow. Some more images to follow the bottom in the mountain: Tricycle terror Photos: NOTCOT

Doc von block Doc von block Terror tricycle Terror tricycle

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