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Article: Heroes of Burgertown by Jon Burgerman


Heroes of Burgertown by Jon Burgerman

Heroes of Burgertown After moults misadventures and contractual and structural adventures, Jon Burgerman finally propose us a mini series of characters, and this at home Kidrobot. The fault with no bowl seen that at the time had to go out his stuffed and a series of mini figurines at Flying Cat who suddenly disappeared from the surface of the planet. Not serious, we make a clean table of the past, we leave on a good basis We rebosse a series, we call Kidrobot, we say "hey I am Jon Burgerman, you probably saw me in a lot of stuff well," the They say "Ah, but yes I remember you well, it's ok? The family?". And then from there quite quickly, work of projection, synconized schedules and PAF in September 2008 these are the Heroes of Burgertown who see the light of day. It's simple yet. And then frankly I have always been a supporter of the rise of the sausage in the toy-game, Kozik understood it, Burgeman gives the Helta plastic (pleonasm) his letters of nobility. Uh I'm bickering a little, but it's funny sausage with decorated eyes, right? Exit at the end of September 2008. Blind Boxes. Heroes of Burgertown Heroes of Burgertown

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