SKET ONE X QUICCS X Martian Toys revisits Siracha sauce in figurine!

SKET ONE is a surprising artist especially when he revisits everyday objects by offering an unprecedented form to rediscover them. He had re-imagined famous bottles of ketchup and mayonnaise and had attacked so famous Sriracha sauce ! Produced by Huy Fong FoodsThis sauce found in all Asian restaurants makes the happiness of our taste buds and now that of our eyes.

Transposed into Bearbrick then in Dunny, this sauce throws its sights on the figurine TEQ63 of Quiccs. And it is obviously SKET ONE who does it, accompanied by Martian Toys. Funny and offbeat, Sketracha is not yet available for sale as it will be presented at Complex con in Long Beach on November 2nd and 3rd.

A little patience he says that Martian Toys will put it on sale just after on its site.

Credits: SKET ONE / Martian Toys / Quiccs


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