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Article: Smash by Joe Ledbetter / Artoyz Shared Exclusive


Smash by Joe Ledbetter / Artoyz Shared Exclusive

SMASH In my morning, finally, let's say that at this hour some must already drink the aperitif, here is a little exclusivity as refreshing as a handful of ice cubes in an anise drink. We present a brand new version of the next figurine of Joe Ledbetter for TOY2R titled SMASH. This version, limited to 600 pieces (including 300 exclusive pieces for Artoyz and licensed resellers) will come around the month of July 2008. The original version will be available when to it in a few weeks, and the others will follow. This figurine seems to reconcile those who had hung on the angular style and thick trait of Joe Ledbetter, who made his style an important figure of the world of Toy thanks to releases such as Mr. Bunny, Firecat, Finders Keepers and in a lesser extent Ringo Bear (significantly rounder in volumes). The fists, feet and chin of Bestiau resume this original effect, Gimmick of Californian creator. True to its usual "colors", this version of the Smash will therefore be blue-ice with a face expression slightly different from the other color-variants, which adds a small touch of originality to this figurine that does not fail. The multiplicity of articulation points allow the gorilla to be arranged in different ways as you can see in the following photos. SMASH SMASHSMASHSMASHSMASH

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