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Article: Spencer Hansen

Spencer Hansen

Spencer Hansen

Spencer Hansen is a graduate artist of the San Francisco Art Institute in 2006. If his name may not tell you anything for the moment, wait to see his work and you will understand why it is a name to remember.

Multi Disciplinary, he does not hesitate to multiply experiences, sculptures, paintings, photographs, masks, etc. Cocreator and creative director of Blamin Toys and Blamin clothingHe does not hesitate to miniaturize his accomplishments and disseminate them to the greatest number via his clothing line.

So it's left for a small horizon, inevitably gap, of the consequent work of this young American.

B a d u + f i n c h h

There is in this collaboration with Jason Siegel and Skye Gallery Asppen A gigantism and an incentive to the wonderful who leave mouth. Repeating two of the artist's oifots, namely mountain creatures and masks, this picture is magnified by a sublime landscape in the background.


This reinterpretation of the Yeti by Spencer Hansen is wonderful because it gives way to the question that everyone arises: Is this a fantastic creature or a human dressed in a scary disguise?

Here, we are rather for the hypothesis of disguise, but it is probably the fact of having seen too atlantis and read the paths of Malefosse.



Gigneticism always with this immense sculpture midwood mid-fur which is reminiscent of some creatures Miyazakian !

Difficult not to be softened by these two sculptures with smiling skulls in combinations of female cinema in the 50's.

Difficult also not to think at March ATTACK And to his aliens badly funny.

Mochi clan

This group of hairy creatures, in addition to being visually sumptuous, seems to be a family or in any case a tribe which is reminiscent of Max and the Maximonstres.

This "filiation" with the work of Maurice Sendak, we also find it in the clothes "odies"From the artist!

B A d u - to get to the other side

Finish this little horizon by this photo that shows Bred, imaginary creature so, in grip with the real world, ours.

All photos of this item come from the account Instagram of the artist and his website !

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