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Article: Taschen: Which book is for you?

Taschen : Quel livre est fait pour vous ?

Taschen: Which book is for you?

Summary :


II / Buying Guide

A / I like cinema

B / I want to know everything about art and her story

C / I want to explore the different types of alternative art

D / I love comics


Taschen is a German publishing house that is born in 1980 under the impulse of Benedikt Taschen, contemporary art collector, who in his debut opens a shop of B.D. before publishing his own comics.

4 years later, Benedikt will buy, during a destocking braderie in the US, 40,000 copies of a Magritte monograph at $ 1 unity. It manages to flow in Germany in Germany at 9.95 marks (just under 5 euros) and realizes that he has a card to play on the segment of beautiful books. Until then reserved for a rich clientele, these art editions are produced in small draw which maximizes production costs and therefore the selling price. He goes, while maintaining a certain quality editing his books with strong prints. The idea is to make it accessible what was not primarily by keeping a brand image by the quality of the works that it is at the content level as container.

Over the years, Taschen will expand its thematic spectrum by publishing works on wide sense art (music, cinema, comics) but also on themes usually neglected by most publishers such as eroticism or the Art Queer.

Taschen will also work to publish luxury works like the Goat on Mohamed-Ali and the Sumo of Helmut Newton who each make 35 kg for 1500 euros, or even more for the first copies, or the Thomas Laird. Murals of Tibet "which costs the trifle of 10,000 euros.

Eclectic proposals whether in terms of price or thematic so, an opportunity like another to offer you a small guide to buy Taschen books depending on your profile!

II / Buying Guide

A / I like cinema

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse

More than 1250 images for this gigantic book that relates the entire most famous mouse in the world!

Also exists in version40th anniversary With exactly the same content but in a smaller format and with a soft price.

The movie archives Walt Disney 1921-1968

1500 incredible images, backstage stock photos, cell planks, sketches are on the program of this 620-page book that will explain everything from the scenes of the Burbank company.

Stanley Kubrick's 2001: The Odyssey of the Book and DVD Space

This book contains the remastered film DVD, production documents from Kubrick's archives as well as the original film poster in 52 x 78 cm format. A must for big cinema fans!

The Star Wars Archives 1977-1983

Immerse yourself in the original trilogy with these 604 pages containing pages from the scenario, sketches, storyboards, tray photographs and other things.

B / I want to know everything about art and her story

Basic Art Series

Of Lichtenstein at Koons Passing by Gaming, Giger, Vasarely, Basquiat, Warhol or even the Pop-artThere is something to have an interesting panorama of modern art without this ruining!

Julian Schnabel

The ultimate book on Julian Schnabel!

On the program, 570 pages of a 33 x 44 cm format for a total of 7.8 kg, all connected in a luxury case. And as if it were not enough, this edition is limited to 1000 numbered copies and signed by Julian Schnabel.

History of Graphics Volume 1 and 2

Divided into two volumes (1890-1959 and 1960 to the present day) This history of graphics offers a 360 degree view of the stakes of this sector that exploded with the industrial revolution

Modern Art. A history of Impressionism today

To understand the importance of modern movement as well as its repercussions until today, this book takes you from Impressionism to today with 696 pages of works and explanatory texts.

Andy Warhol Polaroids 1958-1987

Discover self-portraits, naked, portraits of other artists of the moment like Keith Haring, still natures and a whole lot of other scenes witnesses of the unique universe of the Master of Pop Art along 408 pages exciting.

Decorative Art 1950 and 1960s

From "Decorative Art, The Studio Yearbook", these books offer you a pop trip in the 50's aesthetics and 60's!

C / I want to explore the different types of alternative art

Rock Covers

At the rhythm of the pages Discover album pockets, intelligence cards but also interviews that will make you want to listen to music without waiting!

Also exists in version40th anniversary With exactly the same content but in a smaller format and with a soft price.

Tattoo. 1730s-1970s. Henk Schiffmacher's Private Collection

Henk Schiffmacher is an outstanding storyteller, who will guide you throughout the 440 pages of this rich volume limited to 10,000 numbered copies.

Trespas, History of Urban Art Illicit

This 320-page book returns to the great moments of Street Art, Graffiti and their place in the contemporary artistic landscape.

Type. Visual history of fonts and graphic styles

Drawing his catalogs in a Dutch collection, type shows the rich history of the fonts from 1628 until the middle of the twentieth century.

Masterpiece of Fantasy Art

This nice baby of 7.43 kg all the same, includes the work of more than 100 renowned artists like H.R Giger (Alien), Moebius (the incal) or Philippe Druillet (howling metal co-founder). Limited draw at 7,500 numbered copies.

Jamie Hewlett

First monograph devoted to Jamie Hewlett, mythical member of Gorillaz, this edition includes more than 400 artistic work including BDs, sketches ... showing the eclecticism of the multidisciplinary artist.

Also exists in version40th anniversary With exactly the same content but in a smaller format and with a soft price.

The Adidas Archive. The Footwear Collection

Tracking the history of the adidas shoe of its design to today, this 644-page book presents 357 pairs of shoes including unique copies, unpublished prototypes, creative creations (Yohji Yamamoto, Stella McCartney) and models Vintage.

D / I love comics

The era of COMICS MARVEL 1961-1978

Marvel. More than a brand, a must for comics lovers. Still ahead of the features, subjects and characters, Marvel crosses the generations. Yet she had her Golden Age ... This is precisely what this book says about testimonials, moments behind the scenes to understand the manufacture of these myths of pop culture. You will also learn better Stan Lee or Jack Kirby.

Also exists in version40th anniversary With exactly the same content but in a smaller format and with a soft price.

The Golden Age of DC COMICS and75 YEARS OF DC COMICS

Two references for more information about Detective Comics, from Golden Age to today

Robert Crumb. Sketchbook in 3 volumes

Very active, with his psychedelic style, the designer of the American counter-culture Robert Crumb has elaborated these sketch collections where obsessed and wacky characters are exposed after the hippies years!

100 manga artists

Hajime Isayama for the attack of the Titans, Osamu Tezuka for Astro Boy or Katsuhiro Otomo for Akira, are all references in the world of manga in Japan to discover in this book that will immerse more than one in fabulous moments , ancient memories or not!


Long 592 pages and comprising more than 1000 rare images and pieces, this book limited to 10,000 numbered copies tells the story full of ec comics twists

All our taschen books are here

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