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Article: History of Steampunk

Steampunk : anatomie du genre.

History of Steampunk

If you like literature and uchronia, you have necessarily been confronted with the steampunk movement.

It all began on February 8, 1828 with the birth of Jules Gabriel Verne. As a law student, he subsequently met Alexandre Dumas, which would launch him into literature and the start of Steampunk. With from the earth to the moon and twenty thousand leagues under the sea, Jules Verne will establish a universe rich in futuristic machines of which the nautilus is the most illustrious representative.

n the tradition of this illustrious author, let us also quote H. G. Wells and Albert Robida who form a trio of precursors on this movement.

So what is Steampunk? If we are to believe wikipedia "Steampunk is an essentially literary current whose intrigues take place in a nineteenth century dominated by the first industrial revolution of coal and steam. It is an uchronia referring to to the massive use of steam engines at the start of the industrial revolution and then in the Victorian era. "

Usually a sub-genre of science fiction, steampunk embraces several genres such as the noir novel, the western or the adventure novel.

However, the genre of steampunk is not limited to literature and permeates various media. In comics, Tardi is one of the most striking examples with "Le démon des glaces" and Adèle Blanc sec. Let us also quote Captain Hard or le chateau des étoiles for a recent example.

On the eastern side, we can cite  castle in the sky fromMiyazaki or the excellent manga Full Metal Alchemist which focuses a lot on prostheses.

On the small screen side, if there is one striking series to be remembered, it is Wild Wild West. Steampunk western series, it will also generate a devilishly mediocre film.

On the big screen, the proposals are as numerous as they are varied, whether at Del toro, Disney or even Otomo.

Let's stay on the big screen with the adaptation of Alan Moore's cult comic book: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. If he fills all the boxes to be Steampunk, he forgets to be good, but is the last film appearance of the wonderful Sean Connery.

In terms of Toy design, there is no shortage of Steampunk creations with, for example, the Steampunk animal series figures from Popmart.

Popmart always with the Pucky Flying Babies and its Steampunk model of an indecently cute.

And then to thank you for making it this far, I announce that on 04/11 will release a brand new Bearbrick in 400% so here is a little visual preview. In collaboration with Royal Selangor It smells like Steampunk and will be a piece of choice for your interior decoration.

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