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Article: Wonder Woman: 80 years old

Wonder Woman : 80 ans

Wonder Woman: 80 years old

On October 21, 2021 is probably a day like the others for most of us. For my part, spent a little night in my native Normandy, I got up to board a ter to the questionable cleanliness before the sweet voice of the SNCF announces that my train will not pass me write This article in my sofa in an outfit that decency forbids me to appoint here.

But my life full of banalities and televavail is probably not interesting and October 21, 2021 it is also the date chosen DC COMICS to celebrate the 80th anniversary of its most famous heroin: Wonder Woman.

Everything originally comes from William Moulton Marston, an American psychologist who decides to break the myth of the Male Super Hero with Suprema The Wonder Woman who will become Wonder Woman. The idea is to make a character "in order to promote in the youth a model of strong, free and brave femininity, to fight against the idea that women are lower than men and to inspire young girls confidence In them and success in sports, activities and trades monopolized by men ".

For drawing, the task will be entrusted to H.G. Peter who will draw almost all the adventures of the Amazon until 1958.

If in December 1941, she made her first appearance in All Star Comics # 8, she will have a comics in her name from the year after her the first heroine with a magazine on her name.

Having trouble following the cadence and Marston asks for help from one of his students: Joye Hummel. The latter accepts, but will only be credited with the death of Marston in 1947, visibly knowing how to write and be a woman seemed at the time inconsistent.

It was at this time that Wonder Woman will win accessories and origins that will serve him for the following decades.

In 1954, and following the creation of the Comics Code Authority, Wonder Woman loses his transgressive (and feminist) function and Robert Kannigher (Flash Creator and the set of the series at the time), has the idea to exploit the Heroin's youth under the name Wonder Girl.

At the time of the arrival of Mike Sekowsky at the end of the 60's, sales are in free fall to the point that it is mentioned the end of the character. A change is operated in order to respond at the time and the character becomes a bonancière of a fashion shop and the student of I Ching, his Asian mentor. Then the character is gradually distant from the galaxy DC Comics.

In 1975, a TV series rebate cards and the character returns to the front of the scene, including the striking interpretation of Lynda Carter.

Reintegrated as a flagship figure of the publisher, Wonder Woman will participate in several major events between the 70s and 80 until his death (brief like any comics character) in 1986 in Crisis on Infinite Earths

It was therefore in 1987 that the new revolution of Wonder Woman under the impetus of Georges Perez. Ambassador Novice in the world of men, it must learn everything from the world of men and especially English. The secondary characters are also redesigned and the work of Perez is still a source of inspiration today by many authors.

Followed several prominent adventures, Infinite Crisis, Earth One, Dead Earth ...

... as well as two adaptations to the cinema under the camera of Patty Jenkins, adaptation decried, but that the author of this article likes a lot.

But then in Toy Design, Wonder Woman it gives?
And always in the good shots, Medicom has adapted twice Wonder Woman that is in the style of Batman V Superman or in that of Wonder Woman 1984.

Then, in collaboration with DC COMICS, Kidrobot proposed a sublime interpretation of Wonder Woman by Tara McPherson. Through this 28 cm figurine, Tara McPherson reinvented the invincible Wonder Woman war.

Of course, Funko and Nendoroid have also adapted the Amazon in figurine.

And then finally, who says DC COMICS, also says Jason Freeny and his impressive range of XXRAY figurines.

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