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Article: Still Life by Baldur Helgason x AllRightsReserved

Still Life de Baldur Helgason x AllRightsReserved

Still Life by Baldur Helgason x AllRightsReserved

If you don't yet know the work of the artist Baldur Helgason, quickly run on his Instagram account which is full of his work. Icelandic visual artist based in Chicago, he puts forward a comic strip style mixed with more contemporary influences, delivering a lively, disturbing but also full of humor work. With his favorite character he returns in 3D thanks to AllRightsReserved !

Bearing the name of Still Life, this figurine is the last release of the year for Meet Project, the AllRightsReserved project. We therefore find the character of Helgason with his dark trouser uniform, striped t-shirt and short cap, like his artist as he says himself. Lying on his belly, the character enjoys a cigarette, leaving aside the worries of his daily life and today everyone needs it. Go to Baldur Helgason's Instagram account for a well-deserved anti-gloom shot.

Credits : AllRightsReserved / Baldur Helgason

Source :  AllRightsReserved Instagram

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