All, you'll know all about ... DIY figurines!

Number of you may not know what creative hide in them, soDIY FIGURES Are a good way to know it by participating in this manual solo or group activity, with children for examples. It may be time to skip the step with DIY figurines (do it yourself) without putting pressure because the idea is Above all to have fun... at a lower cost. And yes the advantage of vinyl figurines is that the material for customization is very affordable: felts,Posca (water-based felt), acrylic paint (attention the drying time is very fast). Add some brushes of different sizes for details and hop, the turn is played. Also know that for those who want to push the customization further, some figurines have removable parts.

Imagine a little bit about your figures with the colors and motifs of your dreams? Of course it will surely be easier to start with figurines of small sizes, like theUnicorno DIY 7 cm from Tokidoki (to discover more in blind box) WhereThe Android Vinyl Figure 8 cm. The mini figurines are a good playground to initiate creative grass and children, before moving on a larger room. Or more complex ... Because the more the volume is great, the more rushing it is necessary so that the reason that one wants to put it either as faithful possible, given the angles, or curves. As with DIY figurines such asThe Sentai Maria Diy of Soasig Charmillard with its many pleassed orThe original Bibendum of 30 cm with his rounded, for example.

Also know that DIY figurines also have the advantage of you will discover otherwise the work of an artist, leaving all the leisure to the character lines to express themselves more minimalist. Whether you are novice or experts in this area, emphasize that DIY figurines also have this particularity to create some kind of link with the artist. Thanks to social networks, we see more and more enthusiasts share their creations with those who have thought of their figures. Moreover, some artists are also masters of the custom of figurines as M.P Gautheron (we can adhere its version of the Kranyus of Teodoru Badiu) Where Fakir and his customs whose Gojira 1000% Bearbrick. What to be perfectly inspired to get started in your turn, right? Then to your felts!

Do not hesitate to share with us the result of all your pretty customs.

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