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Article: Superplastic, Brandalised, Artoyz Originals...

Superplastic, Brandalised, Artoyz Originals...

Superplastic, Brandalised, Artoyz Originals...

This week of innovations is no exception to one of our rules at Artoyz: offering diversity. Whether small, large, articulated or not, the figurines make a real show on the site with brands like Superplastic, Brandalised with Mighty Jaxx, Goodsmile or even our Artoyz Originals label. Besides, it could not escape you, we released yesterday a figurine that is close to our hearts: the Beastie Head from Alëxone. It is in its last color, red, that it is revealed! But it is not the only major piece that has shown up in our new toys. There is also the eagerly awaited Liberty Girl, figurine resuming the work of Banksy, produced by Mighty Jaxx and Brandalised. From its height of 25 cm, Liberty Girl questions the very principle of freedom. A powerful and graphic work which revolves around a contrast between white and black. Not far from the Crocodilius Superjanky figurine by James Groman with Superplastic. Lighter in subject, it remains no less staggering graphically !

But maybe you are more trendy little figurines. In this case with the Q Posket range from Banpresto, a subsidiary of Bandai, you will be served! Disney characters like Cinderella, Mulan, Bo Peep, Ariel or Aurora, to Harry Potter characters, references are not lacking. Of course, if it is the articulated figurines that make you the eye, there too the novelties are numerous. It is the Goodsmile brand which somehow takes pride of place with two of its very popular ranges: Nendoroid and Figma. Nendoroid side Harry Potter is also there, well rather Severus Rogue, just like some characters from Overwatch, like Ashe. You can also mix the ranges because Overwatch is also highlighted in Figma with the figurines of Mercy and McCree when the heroes of My Hero Academia make their own entry into the range. These new figurines are sure to complete your collections, which we see very large !

The best is surely to let you see the pages of our new products to find your happiness...

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Dernière couleur pour la figurine Beastie Head d’Alëxone !

Last color for the Alëxone Beastie Head figurine !

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The delivery in World Relay is back!

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