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Article: Superplastic collaborates with Rico Nasty Reprint

Superplastic collabore avec la rappeuse Rico Nasty

Superplastic collaborates with Rico Nasty Reprint

SuperplasticContinues its climb and always surprises more with its figurine exits. Janky, the flagship character of the publisher, is again transcended by a new amazing collaboration with not a designer but a rapper: Rico Nasty. If his name does not tell you anything, maybe it will be more obvious when his album "Nightmare Vacation" will be released in the year. Besides it's the name given to this new Superjanky!

Rico Nasty is not only rapper, she maintains Artistic performance with its looks All more madly than others, and it feels about this popurine with pop colors and details that resume elements of his look. Studded boots, helmets-glasses straight out of a film of SF and purple wings, are as many brands of the personality of the artist. There is also a figurine whose two faces represent a face, such as to make the mirror of the complexity of Rico Nasty, of which The name is clearly displayed on Superjanky's torso !

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