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Article: Teddy Troops 2.0 Series 2

Teddy Troops 2.0 Series 2

Teddy Troops 2.0 Series 2

It's time to introduce you the new collection designed by Flying Förtress. We present you the second series of the Teddy Troops 2.0 with 6 new designs, each design declined in two colorways, a classic and a chase variant.

The classic version is limited to 320 pieces meanwhile the chase variant is limited to 160 pieces. To ease the collection we have decided to pack them in window box, so you can pick the designs you want.

Here are the designs :

- Dirty Basic Trooper features the Basic design so precious to Flying Förtress as this is the original Teddy Troops design, as h first created it. This time he spiced it with some colored paint splatters. The classic version is a mix of beige / grey meanwhile the chase is a classy mix of black and silver.

- The Eau de Trooper is a reference to the Eau de Cologne, the famous perfume from Köln created for the elders. The artist offers here his vision of the perfume adding some tagger sauce to it. And apparently this little bear hates bad smell as he wears a gas mask! The classic version mixes emerald and golden color, the chase one is more a mix of burgundy and silver:


- The Autobhan Trooper is a tribute to the highway network between Hamburg and Paris, that network that makes the connection between Flying Förtress and Artoyz! The classic blue version goes from Hamburg to Paris meanwhile the green chase links Paris to Hamburg.

- The Greenling Trooper is a reference to Greenling, a vegetal character created by Flying Förtress. We found this character is many of his works, especially those made when he was in New Zealand. Greenling features a lettering that says TREES GROWING DON'T DISTURB and a pencil as a new accessory. The classic version is green as spring and the chase refers more to the autumn.

- The Rocksteady Trooper brings the old school hip hop flavor to the series with some references to BBoy culture, streetwear brands and rap music. Of course the Rocksteady Trooper features the Spray Trooper shape. The classic version is a hot mix of red and yellow and the chase one is way colder mixing blue and silver:

- The Vampire Bats Trooper features one of the most famous Flying Förtress design as you may have seen it years ago in Fatcap Series from Kidrobot. The designs is now a B52 with vampire bats paintings, a bloody bow window and some specific wings. The classic version is grey black colors and the chase one which has more some kind of sunset feeling.

And we have not finished with Flying Förtress! Stay tune we still have some surprise!

Expected release date : December 2019.

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