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Article: Unicornos approaching!

Unicornos en approche!

Unicornos approaching!

A whole bunch of new Tokidoki series are about to arrive and most of the favorite characters around your favorite characters: the unicornos! As a reminder tokidoki is an American brand whose set of designs are the work of the Italian illustrator Simone Legno.

Approach we first find the Mermicornos Series 3:

We also approach two series of unicornos very awaited. The first is the Unicorno and Friends who associates a unicorno with his poto of universe that is Kaiju, Sushi, Cactus, Moofia Donuts or ... Unicorno:

Finally the show here is the most expected series of the year for unicorned lovers, here is the 7 Series of Unicornos:

Promised it's approaching and it should be available at home no later than next week !!!

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