Temper tot from Ron English returns to a new color

Can not talk about Jamming Culture, namely that of the cultural diversion, without evoking the work of Ron Français. The American artist imposes his style as well in painting, in drawing in figurines. And that's what interests us! Among his most famous characters we find Temper, kind of super dopy baby at the appearance of Hulk. We saw it in several colors, including a virtue quasi fluo that made it even more impressive. Between anger, energy and musculature, Temper Tot plays big arms to win in your collection.

More foam than ever, Temper tot is adorned with a metallic silver, enhanced with a champagne color pants. Bright, a bitch bitch, this new figurine of Ron Français is not for us displease us, especially as it radically changes other versions of the proposed character since 2013. Exclusive, this color will only be proposed on Popaganda at$100. Warning Only 100 pieces Temper Tot Metal of Ron Français will be available.

Credits: Ron Français

Source: vinylpulse

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