A new version of T-CON returns for the TOYCON UK 2020

Among the most emblematic characters of the conventions are found Kaiju, monsters from the cinematographic culture of the 1950s. Impressive monsters but a little pratudsThey have this way of moving where they seem unbalanced. It does not miss it with T-con, the T-Rex Mascot of the Toycon UK Convention, which will take place on everything is fine - on March 14th and 15th. Always very limited, these T-Con editions always make sensation.

Carried out by UNBOX INDUSTRIES, T-con figurines are colored pastel tones with a marbled effect. Perfectly in line with the arrival of spring, T-con sets the tone of this ultra-pointed convention, where the biggest Toy Designers are jostled. Very limited, this edition of T-CON has the particularity of offering unique figurines. It is therefore all teeth and claws out that this nice colorful Kaiju gives you an appointment at theTOYCON 2020 On the weekend, to discover all Exclusive toys and attractive collections that will do the year.



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