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Article: Trend 2005 / Part 1

Trend 2005 / Part 1

In our little world, everything goes very quickly. Difficult to really date this or that production since, unlike the disc or the cinema there is no world exit, things go almost as fast as they have happened, the gap between Asia and West tends to decrease More and more but not all the time, stores are supplied in a different way etc. Kidrobot is in the place. It will have taken them very shortly for Kidrobot Americans to develop in a fairly dazzling way by opening two stores this year (San Francisco and Los Angeles), but above all by becoming one of the most important producers and creators of figurines called "designers". Certainly they have for the moment developed their flagship standard, namely the Dunny, but they have done so in a very beautiful way, without lack of flagrant taste and improving the quality as you go. The 2 series has worked even better than the 1st of the name and it is a safe bet that it will not stop in such good path. So what is their success? Simple recipe: a DESIGN Effective and not too complicated to produce technically, fresh and varied collabs (Baseman, Doma, Tilt, Kozik, Dalek ...), follow -up on their three stores for each outings more their unbeatable website. Indeed it could be only a good lesson in marketing, but the scarcity, the quality, and the accessibility of their products has proven to the rest of the world that we would now have to count on them, and not just my nephew. Apart from their standard, they also won the timpani with the superb Gorillaz license beautifully exploited for what will remain as a cornerstone of our culture. 4 figurines totally in the graphic spirit that is dear to us, great sculptures and in the end a very successful and perfectly controlled production. 2 versions of each figurine, plus a white version of Noodles which definitely has public favors ... When will a solo career? gorillaz In addition to the Dunny and the Gorillaz, they tried with more or less success in other projects, we will retain the Kozik Smorkin Labbit who have released in forms, sizes, textures, colors and different aspects. There were also new variants of the Kidrobot mascot always in close collaboration with artists which allows you to revisit the figurine without ever getting tired of it (the latest version is the magnificent tengu 08 by Damon Soule). Also note the Skumbo vinyls of Tristan Eatonou The Icebots of Dalek which will not remain in the memories. But the most beautiful blow in 2005 for Kidrobot is mainly Munny. Starting from a simple observation, but above all borrowed from Toy2R, Munny is a customer figurine supplied with customizable accessories as well. The launch with great fanfare took place in early November in the three Kidrobot stores simultaneously with in addition customs made by artists from all walks of life (even the stars of cinema or song!) On sale for a charity action. What could be better than having a unique piece at home, especially drawn by your little sister? The dream of any airy center, except that we are in the big leagues. A global vision but by retaining total artistic integrity, Kidrobot did a lot for the Designer Toys This year .... let's hope it continues in this way anyway. In any case, 2005 was mainly the year of the custom. And if there is a society that has worked in this direction it is toy2r. Raymond Choy, the president of Toy2R, had to have it bad when he saw the concept of Kidrobot, ultimately quite close to his. Indeed, it is also this year that Toy2R launched the QEE 8 inch DIY to customize. Interesting Idea since before this opportunity was only reserved for handpicked artists for a traveling Toy2r World Tour with lots of pretty customs from around the world to introduce the public. The world tour will certainly continue this year. More forms available, also more colors (remember the 5 -color monqee diy jr), we can say that Toy2R was a pioneer on this niche. The variety allows the public to choose its form of predilection, the materials used being almost identical ... I said almost. Toy2R has not deserved this year since production has clearly accelerated over time, notably offering Moult Qee 2 inches, special, limited series etc. Qee has now been a little more entered into customs and series 5a, 5b, DESIGN In Qee and USQEE were blessed bread for collectors or occasional buyers. Likewise the fresh Evil Ape Qee seems to be doomed to a very bright future. Tackling new designers, and continuing collaborations with his loved ones, the way of doing Toy2R proves a desire for a job well done even if we can blame a little repetition sometimes. But with the help of a Touma, tireless Japanese from the Sonic Team then reoriented towards Toydesign, which alone has released two series of Knuckle Qee plus the Hellhounds and many other figurines with other manufacturers ( Baboo, snout, skuttle, more other “uncommon” projects) or a rolito offering several rolitoboy in collaboration (Haze XXL, Devilrobots) or solo, but also a superb Nedzen 3 versions freshly out of factories, Toy2R A Make the right choice ...
The figurines of MCA (Evil APE) and Tygun (Banded Blaze) released in 2005 deserve to be mentioned because they benefit from a very beautiful achievement, as what Toy2R does not only do QEE. The most beautiful collaboration in Cobranding this year was the one for lack with Donna Karan for a very coveted set of 4 Qee Dkny (Biskup, Baseman, Kozik and Horvath with coal, impeccable result). Medicom was a little desired this year, despite a clear integration into the American market, the Japanese cult giant continues its progression without having dropped real innovation bombs this year, apart from the kaws figurines which we talk about in a few moments. One of the real News Was the presentation of a new submarque entitled Fabrick dedicated to furniture (Furniture) and to multiple possibilities of collaboration with artists on daily furniture objects (household linen, sofas, wallets, bags ...). To follow closely because there are some very exciting names among the invited artists (Gauckler, Sweeney, adapt ...) and we announce Futura as possible. THE Be@rbrick And the Kubricks continue to represent a significant part in the middle of the mini figurine (without forgetting the 400%) and the very impressive BWWT (aka Bearbrick World Wide Tour where Be@rbrick 1000% were customized by a Kyrielle of artists from all over the earth) is now long awaited in the old continent. The licenses exploited this season were still tastefully chosen since apart from the Star Wars license reserved for Asia and the United States, we were treated to very good sex pistols, GTA3, Metal Gear Solid 3. To be continued !

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