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Article: News from August 2005 at the end of 2005


News from August 2005 at the end of 2005

Tag the System> Trains are available! Tag The System - Paris Station is a traveling exhibition which, after having passed in New York and London, stopped at Paris station with more than 100 unpublished customs of French urban artists and activists. This exhibition, the first edition of which took place in NYC, was originally organized in honor of the birthday of the New York Metro which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2004. Each artist received half a 50 cm plastic wagon with the image of the New York metro and customized it in complete freedom. Graffiti artists of the old or the new school, web designers, illustrators, graphic designers, designers, media, shops, galleries, Brands From clothes, cinema, a multitude of talents and artists have been invited for this event. You will find attached the visuals and names of all the trains of the Tag The System - Paris Station exhibition which took place from June 14 to 19, 2005 at Espace Beaurepaire. Artoyz thanks Graff’it, Carharrt, Vans, Lamjc, Coca-Cola, and Zurban without whom this exhibition could not have taken place. On each of the pages you will find 5 trains: PAGE 1 PAGE 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 TRAFE FEVER Play Imaginative de Singapore which markets Play Times magazine as well as the mini figurines Trexi announces new projects for the coming months: - The series 2 of Trexi which promises to be more attractive than the first (with the participations of the following illustrators: Koa, Voltaire, Danny Chan, Doze, Ffurious, Ultraman, Stephan C, Kylie Kiu, MCA, Dave Silva, Erwin Weber, Sun Min, Bupla, Pinglet, Tortoy, Lesha K, Cecilie Ellefsen, Pixel Munky This 3 -inch series will also include some secret designs, we announce a design by Andy Parker Artistic manager of Nike HQ .... Release scheduled for October 2005 - The 10 inches seem to be a very interesting invention. Certainly the concept of offering versions of the larger basic figurine proportionally is not frankly new (the Bearbrick, the Qee, the Dunny), but a specificity may be the difference. Indeed in these 10 inch figurines (about 25 cm) you can include a 3 -inch figurine instead of the passenger. The 10 -inch head will therefore be like a cockpit. More info soon. In the meantime, you can look at the photos of Serie 2 as well as the 10 -inch prototype in the ARTOYZ Forum Smokin Joe The famous Californian Online Shop Ningyoushi is starting! Their first productions were signed Kozik and it is actually a crossover between the Smokin Rabbit and the Little Joe mascot for a result which is naturally called Smokin Joe. Smokin Joe Smokin Joe Smokin Joe Two colors will be available very soon, both flocked, in black or white. The size is 4 inches and 500 pieces of each are being produced. Available at the start of the school year on Artoyz. More info and images on the ARTOYZ Forum Mr. Shoe Books The very interesting MR Shoe (Sample) exhibition takes place until July in Michael Lau's gallery in Hong Kong, and, like his S.F.B.B. exhibition From 2004, Mr Lau will get out of the works retracing the story and the creation of his new character Mr Shoe. It’s even a double book that should go out in the near future: The first is called Mr Shoe Story from 144 pages of Comic Book drawn by Michael Lau and the second is Mr Shoe Compiling 372 pages of photos. The first 3 MR Shoes are also now available for sale exclusively on Artoyz. There are many secret items and variants scattered in production too you may be able to find ultra rare models with a little chance! More info and images on the ARTOYZ Forum Nothing Better Than Ledbetter Joe Ledbetter is an American rising artist who goes up (you know, like the little beast). Notwithstanding the influx of News Presented during the Comic Con de San Diego, its first two creations Firecat and Mr Bunny produced by Wheat Wheat (obviously very fit) are largely out of the lot! Coming from its very colorful and angular illustrations, its first two figurines will have a completely particular, even stunning aspect, which is reminiscent of the effect that we make the SFCC figurines of Michael Lau with this strange impression of Cardboard figurines. Firecat Indeed, you can see in the photos that these two characters (outing limited to 400 copies) could be made of cardboard but it is not! Two alternative versions of these figurines entitled ICE will be born probably at the time of the exit (even more limited edition it goes without saying: 100 copies) We impatiently wait to see the rendering, but these figurines are undoubtedly part of the toys The most anticipated for this last quarter of 2005. All images of his figurines are on the ARTOYZ Forum Cambot Mr. .Jago is finalizing his first toyist productions under the name of Camobot. Several colors (Protocol, Frontline, Sentinel and Scout) of this 10 -inch figurine will be released this year. A figurine which promises to be quite massive, and which contrasts with current production, which augurs the good Cambot Cambot Cambot Cambot Cambot We invite you to discover his work on the site of Mr. Jago More info and images on the ARTOYZ Forum

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