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Incredible but true! The festival-goers and other Otaku disguised (I do not forget the Lilita Goth to the umbrellas) who went to make us cuckoo had an infernal Baraka by discovering what we usually call an excluded. Nico de Muttpop accompanied us 4 days during, arms loaded with surprises. Not only did he focused on his back more than a barbaque quintal, in the person of Savin, designer of Molly came over two days dedicate the exclusive molly, but also from Ohm coming on Saturday scribble characters from Tcho! also had the delicate idea of ​​offering our retinnes the next version of Tequila. This one resumes color codes that will be familiar with those who have been tapped a little too hard to make them "spit their valda". This perfect version of Tequila is supposed to arrive on your shelves in the future that I will qualify close.

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