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Article: Exclusive Kidrobot SDCC


Exclusive Kidrobot SDCC

Fear of the next day or too gold in the hands? The thinking heads of Kidrobot have unveiled yesterday their three exclusive releases for the SDCC and we could not leave these charming critters ignored. A few years after the Ledbetter-Kozik collaborated comic-con, we are absolutely sure that the version of the Smorkin Labbit by Amanda Vesell Will not remain in the boxes, and we would be wrong to deprive yourself of such a good sweet and kind version of the rabbit that does not smoke at this moment to avoid a destructive forest fire. Resuming the spirit of his last Dunny for the Endangered Species series, Amanda follows the trend of the moment that consists of imitating the wood (not in the mouth huh, by hand ... So try a little to imitate a piece of wood , even Nicolas Canteloup since years without doing it). 300 pieces for happy festival-goers, and frustrated ebayers. We continue on two new Dunny 8 inches including an exclusive version, by Shane Jessup and a duo of Fortune Dunny & Luck Dunny Quite delightful. It's simply an 8 inches version of the Dunny that he had lated for the 4. 1000 series for the Golden and 200 for the Black. And bing, the return of the FATCAP 6 inches, very appreciated by the public, few outings (memory the Tilt Cheech Wizard, the sprayanouflage by Nico, a Golden Ticket of the series 2, I probably forget) and currently here are two Color variants of Depth for the Holy roller. 1200 for green and 200 for purple. We will probably have less limited versions and we wish for a good courage in advance to those who want "Pécho" as you say young people, the versions Limited Bundy.

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