The Mindseye Trooper (Ohm Edition) from Will Sweeney goes out tomorrow!

Based in London, the illustrator and artist Will Sweeney Inundy the artistic world of its work inspired by comics, all imagined in an ultra-contemporary graphic dimension. Multi-media, Will Sweeney also focused on the figurine and goes out tomorrow The Mindseye Trooper, a robot whose headset is the intermediary with the driver. Moreover, we see it in the steering center in the middle of the Trooper torso.

With his eye, which throne at the top of his helmet, Mindseye Trooper is hypnotizing. This is not the first version of this figurine, Will Sweeney had already done it with Fern Toys in two other colors. For this one, the Ohm EditionWe find a mix of purple, green (all over all its body) and red keys for the contrast. Very pop, THIS GLOW IN THE DARK ROBOT 20 CM will be available tomorrow 16H (Paris time) on the site ofUNBOX INDUSTRIES at $80.

Credits: Will Sweeney

Source: UNBOX Industries

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