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Article: The Tree and The Emperor Ap of Doktor came out in individual figurines!

The Tree et The Emperor AP de Doktor A sortent en figurines individuelles !

The Tree and The Emperor Ap of Doktor came out in individual figurines!

Buy figurines in blind box can have its charm, especially if you want the complete collection of a series, on the other hand if a model interests you a little more, the artists like Doktor a do not deprive yourself to please you. Participating once again in Kidrobot series, the British artist wanted to put out individually Two of the figurines created for the series Arcane Divination Dunny The Lost Cards.

Among them we find THE TREE, an overriding green figurine of nearly 8 cm that we recognize the features of the famous Kidrobot Dunny but also THE EMPEROR AP, the same size and red, more transformed but no less interesting. Each of them embarks you in the world of Tarot, the theme chosen by the artist J★RyuFor the complete series, only multiple artists like Errico Camilla, Jon-Paul Kaiser or Doktor A decided to reinterpret.

Slightly more aged but especially signed, The Tree and The Emperor Ap of Doktor A are present available on the site of the artist, respectively at the prices of £50 and £25.

As for the Arcane Divination Dunny The Lost Cards, know thatit will soon be available on our website !

Credits: Doktor A

Source: Doktor A Instagram

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