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Article: Tibisho by Craiion + DVD "Vinyl & Co" - New Pics


Tibisho by Craiion + DVD "Vinyl & Co" - New Pics

Unveiled on the other side of the Atlantic during the New York Comic-Con, we will introduce you a little more in detail the figurine Tibisho which will accompany the DVD Vinyl & Co In the special box that will be on sale in December. Imagined Cream, Tibisho is the character who will accompany this collector edition of the most complete documentary on the world of "Designer Toy". A gourmet and intriguing character who will delight a good ice cream by looking at each other in a mirror. Inspired by the Gentiles Monsters of the TV of his youth, Craiion created Tibisho in tribute to these friendly characters who made us shudder and laugh. He emanates a kind of divine light from his right paw (the other being a lot too busy for doing something else), as a brilliant ray that emanates from this friendly gesture. Its head shaped old cathodic tube with a used brown paint effect gives it a retro side that is counterbalanced by a very kind Kaiju way with the vibrant colors that gives a harmony to the small monster (which still does 14cm. ) Tibisho has several articulation points that allow it to be arranged standing or squatting. The screen has a mysterious eye that is none other than the eye of the Cyclops, from which would arise a fantastic world filled with small monsters all more fun one than the others. A vinyl that does not look like any other with degraded effects on the legs and in the hollow of the hand, as well as small touches of color on delicate places. 30 years ago a certain e.t. wanted to go home, Tibisho would like to get a place at home and fiddling the buttons on your LCD for quietly vinyl & coating while eating a good ice cream. As a reminder, here is the vinyl trailer & co "Vinyl & Co." Worldwide Trailer. from Jac & Johan we Vimeo.

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