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Heat in the cottages. On these images probably one of the best reasons you bought an apple brand device. Medicom We had already proposed in the past "iPod holder" quite nice but not really functional (we could not recharge it, nor broadcast music, nor make it tapped). It's the past, the future belongs to your iPhone now, and our favorite bear will make it ... the device, because here is the BE @ RBRICK SPEAKER SYSTEM. Fruit of a collaboration with the American brand Radius (specialized in Apple accessories), Medicom offers us a total dock (and that will never be on strike). When I say Total that means it will give you all that you are entitled to expect from an external module for your phone / MP3 Player: a booth to put your i-thing and recharge it, two buttons to set The volume with the BE @ RBRICK logo, and two speakers concealed in the ears of the BE @ RBrick. In addition to this, cream on the cherry, you will have the choice between two versions of 400% which strongly remind the design of the iPod: black or white and the chrome back. Available at Artoyz from November.

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