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Article: Tilt - "My Love Letters" from October 23 @ Celal Gallery


Tilt - "My Love Letters" from October 23 @ Celal Gallery

The Expo of the Week - no doubt -, the exhibition of the month-like - the expo of the year - it is hoped. Tilt is back in galleries with its new solo exhibition "My Love Letters" which will be visible at the CELAL GALLERY from Saturday, October 23 until 27 November. The return of the Bubulle to Dad in our "beautiful" country, which comes on infinite supports (canvases, walls, sculptures, photos, storefronts, women's body ...) and which will invest for the occasion all The floors of the gallery. You can dolines and already enjoy some canvases and photos that will be visible in large format during the exhibition. This exhibition promises to be superb. Bubble-art of very high aerobatics!

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