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Article: Tomenosuke, Kidrobot, Popmart ... What's new at Artoyz?

Tomenosuke, Kidrobot, Popmart... Quoi de neuf chez Artoyz ?

Tomenosuke, Kidrobot, Popmart ... What's new at Artoyz?

Between pointed labels, affirmed brands and renowned artists, you have something to be excited. As the figurines proposed by TomenosukeJapanese gallery that signs a lot of collaborations. You loved In vulgar Statement of Mr Clement, how about interesting you to the Figurines of Utomaru and Tara McPherson. In both cases, color and imagination do not lack. With Tara McPherson on the side of the psyche, whose delusions translate here by a half-human creature, half-animal with purple accents. Art Toy wears his name very well. As for UtomaruIt's on the side of an 80's movie on the cannibalism that you have to look at. The artist takes up a scene in which a woman, planted on a spade, is preparing to be devoured ... A whole program! In addition, It is available on our website in 3 versions.

Your heart can also be charmed by Kidrobot. Catch-up session if you have not seen the lastDunny de Junko Mizuno And Tristan Eaton. No doubt about seeing you ignite for the flame, the 8 "Dunny of the artist Junko Mizuno, kind of tattooed figurine. And we can find some similarity with the 5 "Dunny of Tristan Eaton whose carved steel does not fail to recall the world of tattoo. A pair that everything seems to move away and that works well wonderfully. Of course if you are Amateurs of mini figurines, Kidrobot is for you. The Mini Series are a leitmotiv rhythmic by choices like the one with Travis Cain on Bffs Where Kozik for Labbit. Besides, among all this beautiful world, there are also two collections dedicated to Tiny Toons, generation of characters who succeed Lonney Tunes.

Other emblematic characters join the ranks of mini figurines like those ofPopmart With Kasing Lung, Pucky and Even Sanrio for Hello Kitty! The character of the ribbon celebrates 45 years without a ride and in great pomp because it is not a but 12 collectible figurines.Pucky on his side explores the world of gluttony with a world where sweets are queens, a bit like Kasing Lung with Labubu and her pastries... How to resist these 7 cm figurines? It sounds difficult. The best way to invite you to browse our Pages of Art Toys while waiting for our next arrival article. And believe us Mars did not reveal all his surprises! Rendez-vous in Our heading News !

Stella & Flow Ultraviolet Edition - Tomenosuke X Tara McPherson

Mimi The Cannibal Girl X-Ray Bone Edition - Tomenosuke X Utomaru

5 "Dunny Tristan Eaton

Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary - Popmart

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