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Article: [TOP 2009] 1 - Ashley Wood & 3atoys


[TOP 2009] 1 - Ashley Wood & 3atoys

That's it we have our champion! We have debated, we fought. We decimated the quantities of post-notes and pieces of paper to finally reach a ranking which we unanimously liked. It was long, but what is it good! So who goes on the first step of the podium this year? It is undoubtedly Ashley Wood and the industrial quantities of productions that have come out of 3a toys since a few months. The Australian artist is very difficult to follow to tell the truth, it does not happen a week almost without novelty. Whether it is huge robots or very young, action is 12 '' with impeccable style or delicate vinyls, the toys 3a are quite extraordinary. We can blame the uninterrupted flow of releases or the fact that we may be in a graphic universe not necessarily close to the rest of the universe around us, it is difficult not to recognize the immeasurable work done by this team hell and the disarming quality of all productions, whatever they are. The list is long, and it is the whole work that we salute here, a great impulse that gives new life to our little world. Congratulations to Martin, Square, Armstrong, Bertie, Bramble, feather name, feather black, pen white, Adventure Kartel etc., etc. If you are a little lost and want to know more, go to their site Threeatoys

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