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Article: Expo The Toxic Candies Show from February 11th to March 13th


Expo The Toxic Candies Show from February 11th to March 13th

This is the beginning of a new season of exhibitions at Artoyz, and we will start the year 2010 with the first exhibition of Stéphane Levallois and his Toxic Candies. We are very excited about introducing you the incredible universe developed by the very talented Stéphane Levallois. Know that we will come out of many figurines of the Toxic Candies universe, starting with Sweety and Liquorice. In addition to a large number of watercolors and acrylics that will plunge you directly into a large sweet and gentle bath, you will have the opportunity to discover a large number of artists for the first time at Custom. And without further delay a small preview of the works: Major de Penninghen, Stéphane Levallois (born in 1970) is both a draftsman (published at Futuropolis, the Human and Sarbacane), Designer (for Philippe Stark, John Galliano, Heidi Slimane, JB Mondino), Storyboarder, Director (Pubs and Shorts -Mmetry), concept-artist and chara-designer (for Harry Potter 7 & 8 movies, the incredible Hulk). It is comfortable in all areas, and it surprises every new project. And for his exhibition he has tied the services of many comrades artists coming from very different universes. This promises an entirely original exhibition with creations that can be imagined quite stuck on the little Sweety and Liquorice! List of artists who will intervene on a blank Candies toxic: Christine Adam - Designer and painter - has participated in many works for youth, both in the fictional (several titles at Folio Junior / Gallimard and at Casterman), which documentary at Hachette Youth. She has also worked in the advertising field, the press, animation film and interactive / educational game. Bruno Aveillan - Multimedia artist and director - We owe him the pubs of pubs "the crowd" for Perrier, "Oxygen" of Lanvin, or this sumptuous film for Louis Vuitton. It is also visual and develops a clean artistic universe. [YOUTUBE][/youtube] [YOUTUBE][/youtube] Didier Barcelo - Director and Screenwriter - He recently made the movie of Pub Volkswagen Atmos, as well as dozens of other cult spots. [YouTube][/youtube] [YouTube][/youtube] Antoine Bardou-Jacquet - Artist, director and co-founder of Studio H5. Responsible for this mythical clip of Alex Gopher [YouTube][/youtube] Beb-deum - Draftsman, screenwriter. He made his first weapons at Metal screaming as a comic book, and works in parallel for the press, publishing and advertising as illustrator. Impregnated by the 1930s and 50, influenced by Italian comics and Japanese culture, fascinated by Moebius and Franz Kafka, Beb-Deum rocked into science fiction without wanting, creating parallel universes from his daily life. Bunka - Illustrator and toyDesigner, he has just signed a project with Only The Brave for Diesel (a limited edition of the bottle) and will come out of many toy projects this year. Silvio Cadelo - Author BD, draftsman, videographer. Barbara Canepa - Author, illustrator. Creative of sky.doll and the label Venus Dea. Marc Caro - Director, actor, screenwriter and artist. Posted in the 1970s in Screaming metal, Glacial fluid, monthly charlie or echo of savannahs. Corealized with Jean-Pierre Gamenet the movies Delicate Where The City of Lost Childrenhe took out his first feature film Dante 01 in 2008. Short alex - More known as Alex and Martin, Duo of directors who have made dozens of memorable clips since the 90s (Jamiroquai, U2, Air, Cassius, Phoenix, Black Desire ...), He now offers henceforth. [YouTube][/youtube] [YouTube][/youtube] Cream - Artistic Director, Draftsman, Illustrator. Nicolas de Crecy - Draftsman, illustrator and Scenarist of BD Philippe Dupuy - Draftsman, comic scriptwriter. Collaborates with Charles Berberian. Fakir - Illustrator, graphic designer and toymaker. Easy Hey - Illustrator and founding member of the Delkographik Studio in Rennes. GREGOS - Model Maker, Pixelart Maker, Toymaker, Crazyness Maker, is at the origin of Elements, Chaos Monkey and Kid Onion. He goes out about a Toy a week, but no one knows! Ludovic Houplain - Director, screenwriter at H5. Worked on the sublime short film logorama. Guillaume Iveternel - Draftsman, graphic designer and director of animated movie. He realized the movie Drag hunter in 2008 Jan Koun - Director (Vibroboy, Doberman, Blueberry, 99 francs, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky) [YouTube][/youtube] Alexis Lidell - Visual and concept artist Matteo de Longis - Italian draftsman, creator of Mekaneko. Diagram - Graphic designer and robotlover Soandsau - Duo of directors and charadesigners. Superb - Artist illustrator and director. Stefan Thanneur -Designer Remi Wyart - draftsman The opening of this exhibition will take place Thursday, February 11, 2010 from 19h. The exhibition will be visible for a month until March 13th. Free entrance. Come many.


la liste des invités est impressionnante

No author

Deja merci pour les photos de l’expo et pour la réponse :)

J’ai hate de voir les pieces sur le site, mais alors va yavoir du stock limité limité la ^^ va falloir etre rapide.

Bon ben y’a plus qu’a attendre :D superbe expo en tout cas

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No author

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Les Toxic Candies ont justé été présentés lors de l’expo. Ils ne sont pas encore en vente. Il n’y avait que des blancs à vendre lors de l’expo, et il ne reste que des liquorice de dispo.

Nous mettrons également les pièces de l’expo en vente sur le site.

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J’ai une question : est-ce que vous allez mettre les toxic candies en vente sur le site ? ou c’est seulement une expo ? pensez à ceux qui vivent loiiiin ^^ merci de répondre :D

No author

La première peinture et énorme, donc présent et n’oubliez pas le coca cola ^^

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