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Article: [Top 2009] 6 - Ron English


[Top 2009] 6 - Ron English

Another perfectly assumed choice which corresponds perfectly to the idea that we have a certain mash-up of pop culture in vinyl. If kaws at a train in advance (not the RER D in any case BAM), Ron English is out of Outsider, despite the fact that he has twice the age of the youngster (how old is Brian by the way?). Grin was released in the middle of the year, Lucy Exposed at the end of the year and Supersize me In variants disseminated in the quarters. Beautiful achievements, faithful to the paintings of the boy who has been practicing for some time and that we would like to discover in a French gallery (or European why not) in order to see if the scope of it is so good perceived that on the other side of the Atlantic. Because it is true that it is always quite delicate to judge a painting without seeing it, on the other hand the reactions when the message are quite unanimous and flattering. Despite everything, it keeps an old-school side which can make some shiver with more true achievements than sometimes dubious and sometimes dated. The fact remains that for having released at least 3 rated and clean vinyls allow it to appear in a good place in this TOP 2009 which will probably be finished around 2012, the day before the end of the world.

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