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Article: [TOP 2009] 5 - GUNDAM RX -78 & TETSUJIN 28 (1: 1 Scale)


[TOP 2009] 5 - GUNDAM RX -78 & TETSUJIN 28 (1: 1 Scale)

Big is beautiful. Two extraordinary events imagined by our Japanese friends during the summer of 2009, manufacturing on scale 1 of two absolute icons of the Mecha universe: GUNDAM RX78 & Tetsujin 28. The first settled in Tokyo while the second was visible from Kobe. Over 50 tonnes of gear (and about 1.6 million $) to build Gigantor in a super conquering posture. The Gundam (18 meters high) moves its head and blows smoke in 14 different places. The kif with full tubes, the 9 and 10th wonders of the world for us and the 5th college of this Top 2009. Not much to do absolutely with our universe but such superifying and imposing achievements that they are still turning Our iris months later. These Japanese are really crazy (in addition to being sacred genius). Finally one that no one can boast of having at home, in photo or in video only. They belong to everyone a little bit, and it's not worse.

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