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Article: [TOP 2009] 3 - COSSORETOYS PAW & JAWS



Relatively new in the game (if we ignore the outings of 1: 6 of Cream and Switch a few years ago), the Germans of Co -wobble caught a stir in 2009 with two essential outings: Paw, the rabbit and Jaws, the sketch surfer. With packaging that flinted with everything that has previously existed in terms of conservation and product presentation, the co -lathers figurines are packed with love, so well protected that you would like to collect only boxes. Fortunately, what's in it is not bad either. Starting with this carrot buffeur, it must be the 400 (0) e rabbit that we proposed at Artoyz, but it hurts to the teeth and would spray any turtle in its path. The color variants all more tasty than the other (Rainbow, Milky Bliss, Spectrum). The figurines are certainly imposing, but apart from slight details to perfect, we are really not far from the perfect score. Jaws is also a little nugget, this time with a return to their humanized character and the silhouette perfectly synthesized in vinyl. From Michael Lau we had not seen figurines representing human beings as interesting and thoughtful with a very particular care for the finishes. To show that we will still have to count on them this year, we present the brand new figurine False Friends - Signature Edition Available for a few minutes. And we should be able to confirm a CoSeatoys exhibition at Artoyz soon so that we can realize all of this with our views.

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