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Article: Dunny Fatale Series - Release Party Thursday 28 January - 18h


Dunny Fatale Series - Release Party Thursday 28 January - 18h

As life is well done, while we only have one left that a little handful of Dunny 2009, the new series of Dunny titled The Dunny Fatale Series is coming out tomorrow! Why will fatale tell me? It is simply since the artists who have been invited to draw this series are only women. You will find designs of Alex Anderson, Catalina Estrada, Klor, CW, Aiko, Kathie Olivas, Wendi Koontz, Koralie, The Baroness, Anna Chambers, Amanda Votell, Amy Ruppel, Julie West, Toofly, Junko Mizuno, Aya Kakeda, Tara McPherson, and Sara varon. Once again, there is a beautiful variety of designs, styles, graphic universes, and small peculiarity that we have noticed is that a large majority of the Dunny that we have been able to go through are equipped with accessories. .Ah women! We will be happy to welcome you tomorrow Thursday, January 28 from 18h for the Release Party at Shop Artoyz Paris in order to launch with dignity this feminine series, and on this occasion we Let's wear wigs propose to the fastest of you to win the Dunny Klor Exclusive. Indeed if you are among the first to buy a Dunny Fatale Series Display, this Dunny will be offered. CAUTION Quantities are archi limited! Whether for the exclusive dunny as for the series in its entire rest. Discover the designs below. Koralie Amanda Vesell Aya Kakeda Alexandra Anderson Cw Lady Aiko @my rippel Wendi Koontz Anna Chambers Toofly JUNKO MIZUNO Julie West Klor (123klan) Catalina Estrada Kathie Olivas Tara Mc Pherson Sara varon Klor Exclusive rare!

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