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Article: Total Geek-Art or pop culture in all its forms !

Total Geek-Art ou la pop culture dans tous ses états !

Total Geek-Art or pop culture in all its forms !

Geek-Art what is it ? A search, interviews and meetings conducted by Thomas Olivri which took the form of a website ( and books. Today is about number 4 - Total Geek-Art - we want to talk to you ! And for good reason, it's a little bit special... It celebrates the 10 years of the Geek-Art adventure. As always, and this is what makes the fame of these books, you can find many illustrations, focus on emerging or known artists but also interviews from professionnals where pop culture is queen.

We can think of toys photographer Joe Hume aka French Toy Love, sculptor Alban Ficat, artistic director Pascal Blanché or our boss, Michael Rouah, who talks about Artoyz through our collaborations (especially that of the Sentai Maria with Soasig Chamaillard), the current toy market ans scene but also the place of pop culture in our work.

Total Geek-Art once again sheds light on what surrounds us, drives us and fascinates us in this inexhaustible and ever-changing pop culture. Published by Huginn and Muninn, Total Geek-Art will be available soon on our website !

Note that you can also get the collector's box with a Scott Balmer cardboard sleeve containing the book and 3 numbered prints.

Credits : Geek-Art/ Thomas Olivri

Source : Thomas Olivri

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