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Your blue card is likely to heat! Indeed, you can now find New Bearbrick models Making a new time honor to pop culture. Fashion, cinema, art or bd, all disciplines are represented. Let's start with our childhood heroes. Do you remember the series "Where is Charlie ?" Briton Martin Handford ? His iconic character, Charlie, returns here in 1000% Bearbrick taking each of his attributes: pompous hat, red and white striped t-shirt, round glasses ... a character whose look is not without reminding us of this dear Peppermint PattyFrom the comic-strip Peanuts to find in 3 sizes: 100%, 400% and 1000%. But it is without doubt the Bearbrick ofOliver Aton, mythical cartoon player Olive and tom who will tell you. This character created by Yōichi Takahashi In the 80s is an icon that we like to want to put back in our daily life.

(go, we know that you are singing the credits like us!)

On the art side, seventh or not, the novelties do not fail either. With Travis Bickle Returne in the seizure and timeless Taxi driver, Chief of Opener of 1976 of Martin Scorsese in version 1000%. A Bearbrick that cinemaphiles will particularly appreciate. Besides, the director's direct style could be put in parallel with that of the artist Kosuke Kawamura whose collages resume topics of pop culture and society. A diversion job to be found on a 100% + 400% Bearbrick set with black and white chromatic details. The opposite of the 1000% romantic Bearbrick of the photographer Mika Ninagawa. With its roses in all-over It takes us into a universe where the red-rose is king.

Reasons that echo the 1000% and 100% + 400% Bearbrick very fashion that follow. Atmos is the Queen brand of this selection. From his collab animal with a gray tabby Camo pattern with Sockox to that with Stall In a pleasure of great bichromia, passing through its scarf motif delivered solo, Atmos is ubiquitous. Of course it was not counting on the painter's Bearbrick Sasada Yasuto and the designer Yohji Yamamoto With its Ground Y concept. An invitation to art through a fully obsessing gray psychedelic pattern that slice with the set 100% + 400% Bearbrick brand Street Soph. whose 20-year figurine chooses very effective graphical minimalism.

Fashion is everywhere, even in the Bearbrick Series 38 including the label Anti Social Social Club. Do you also have a version of the agents of the Mib, from Joker as well as a figurine on the work of the artist in vogue Lauren Tsai. But leave the United States to return to Japan with Peko Chan, the mascot of the candy brand Fujiya To discover in vintage version on a 1000% Bearbrick. Clearly licking the Babines for its greed it is the opposite of the last 1000% figurine that we want to present: Akoni. This term literally means "red demon" in Japanese. A more frightening but no less attractive version that will deliver the Bearbrick collectors.

All theseBearbrick are to find right here !

Credits: ARTOYZ

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