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Article: TOY2R News September


TOY2R News September

Qee China Artists Oyé Sapapaya, would you tell you new Qee with my friends and me? Let's Be Realistic and Honest, Toy2R did not put a big pressure in 2008, except the Smash and some kozikeries, the number of outings was particularly creepy. A reaction to the over production of previous years? An incursion always greater in the licensing market and therefore fewer commercial outings for fans? We always wonder if a series 6 of the QEE will see the day, to make us wait a few more months, toy2r gives us a series of qe quite other, rather well felt nevertheless with artists from this country that we have Bad to follow: China! Long enough from graphic clichogs, we are waiting for a firm foot and wearing this series composed of artists unknown for the most part but with some qualities and a pleasant renewal at the eye. If you want to give you the trouble to follow me ... Qee 8 '' Fritz and Ivan are 8 inches that we have more or less preview during the OX-OP series in mini version. Party Fun Pack Fun Party Pack Two new bombs' sets especially for Christmas, but available well before the birthday of baby Jesus. Turtle The Girlfriend Turtle / Bossy Bear's boyfriend Our favorite will be a figurine in the coming weeks. We were waiting for new information about probable declinations of Bossy, in place it is his Sidekick who will see the day in vinyl. Expected farm foot (and always well paved). Other news soon.

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