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Article: Uglydoll Action Figure> Release Party Saturday May 16th


Uglydoll Action Figure> Release Party Saturday May 16th

Oye Oye Oye! What do you do on Saturday, May 16th? I do not know you, but we organize the release party of the Uglydoll action figure ! On the occasion of the release of this series which takes up the most famous critters in the series in mini and soft plastic version, Artoyz invites you to discover the most coveted Blind Box of the moment. We will offer you a raffle that will allow you to win ugly gifts (posters, books, stickers, postcards, t-shirts). Go to any time of the day at the shop, and for the purchase of a Blind Box (10 €) you will have a raffle ticket. The draw will take place at 6 pm Saturday, May 16th. And for the purchase of a 12-room display, the price is 100 €, only Saturday! And in a display, there are no doubles, but the complete series of characters (not all color variants, but at least all the characters). Live Saturdays, uglydolls and gifts!

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