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Article: Interview Nicolas Lesaffre (Vinyl's Attack)


Interview Nicolas Lesaffre (Vinyl's Attack)

Discreetly arrived by the small door, despite its large size, the Vinyl's Attack figurine has intrigued us a lot. Who do this ? Where does this come from? What are we eating tonight ? Several years of research in lugubrious and distant libraries A google query later and PAF a French name would arise such a wild salmon that comes out of the water by wanting to narggot the hungry bear: Nicolas Lesaffre. After a little tour on his site to reassure themselves by saying that, no it is not possible to have passed next to this diverted, we reassure himself by saying that phew we had already seen this advertising pub for match ah and Also the one for Mac Donald's Punaise it's true that it blessings. 3D Facilitator then Executive Director from Supinfocom, Nicolas is a brute who had already put a lot of his competitors with the graduation project Hernando. And a few years later, getting bored manifestly as he animated for a great European animation production (oh you will know it soon enough if you continue to read), he realized the animation of Vinyl's Attack with for inspiration Films and tapes Sci-Fi ads of the 50s grown with big monsters. Can you introduce yourself please? I have 32 years old, after wandering in the educational system knowing what to do with my ten fingers, and once the military service did, I motivated myself to integrate a "supinfocom" 3D animation school based in Valenciennes. 4 years later I come out with a 3D short film "Hernando" that will allow me to start as a facilitator on the feature film "Arthur and the Minimoys" of Luc Besson. 4 months later I leave the ship to throw me in freelance working as a graphic designer on different clip and pub projects, then small to small I become director. I then tried the adventure in England two years and a few months in Hollywood, but for culinary reasons I decided to return home this year. My current activity is always to make TV pubs as well as advertising poster campaigns. Hoping not to pollute your visual space too much. [YOUTUBE][/youtube] How was the connection with BIC PLASTICS? She was very simply, one of the members of Bic Plastics had a little on the web and discovered my animations including "Vinyl's Attack", so he proposed to make a Toy from the robot of this animation. Rather surprised I immediately accept the proposal. The design being in 3D it greatly simplifies the manufacturing process. The first model of Bic Plastic was perfect so we continued the adventure. Once the model is ready, I was able to meet a member of Bicplastics in Hong Kong to admire my first toy. Did you think the character only for animation or did you imagine giving life to this character? At the base I did not create the character for animation but just to spend my time when I was facilitator on a feature film realized by Luc Besson. By bothering me dangerously in this job, I started making a 3D illustration, then an animation of 3 seconds, I finally decided to leave my post to make my own animations including Vinyl's Attack. To give life to this character was then a distant thought. What do you think of the world of designer toys on today's day? Is it an environment that you are particularly? I spend from time to time on vinyl pulse, to admire the novelties. I am quite impressed by this movement that evolves very quickly. What are your favorite ToyDesigners? and more simply the toys you prefer (whether it's designer toys or any other toys in your childhood) Jeff Soto, Tim Biskup, Rolito, Goldorak, Astro, and so many more ... [YouTube][/youtube] Do you think you prolong your adventure in the world of designer toys or was it just a one-shot to please you? I would like to design other designs or transpose my current 3D designs to Toys, and why not a small robot family to accompany Vinyls Attack. The problem is just finding a bit of time to devote itself. What do you prefer, animate or chara-designer? Why ? I no longer animate my plans and I prefer to create the designs and a whole universe. I would like to go back to simpler things, create images and toys, for example, 3D animation is exciting but the very long and laborious technique reduces a lot of cleaning time. What are your motivations and objectives in the field of animation? Continue doing what you do in the court and in the ad or maybe go to the animated series / feature film? I would like to redo shorting for now, and why not go through a day if I do the right encounters. I do not have a specific goal, start scribbleing something on a corner of a pointless table led me to the world of designer toys, so who knows ... What are the animals that impressed you recently? Everything coming out of the Pixar studio for 3D animation, it's great public, but really well damn. Ghibli studio for 2D. [YouTube][/youtube] What you cut a little more breaths again on the site of Nicolas Lesaffre Find his first toy on ARTOYZ

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