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Article: Underwater Carnivorous Giraffe by Amanda Vesell


Underwater Carnivorous Giraffe by Amanda Vesell

Underwater Carnivorous Giraffe Who am I? ........ Top! I am a very angular blue giraffe species designed in resin, I have a dead child in my mouth that I likely drowned, I came out in 25 copies a few hours ago and I was sold immediately without other form Trial, I measure about 7 inches, I was sold with a remarkable print, I now vaux a completely unlikely price on eBay which would oblige me to mortgage personal property to be able to appropriate it ... I am ... I am ... I am ... I am ... am ????? I am written in the title see! I am the submarine carnivorous giraffe of Amanda Vesell. For Your Eyes Only: Carnivorous submarine giraffe

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