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Article: Wish Come True: Friends with you x strageco


Wish Come True: Friends with you x strageco

WISH COME TRUE (c) photo Brian McCarty So so dreams sometimes become reality, at least that's what these great children are suggesting that are the Friends with you, which come back after a few months of absence on the front of the Toy scene with a new cool and sweet series produced by Strangeco. WISH COME TRUE Do not leave the least of the world with their merry, smiling and tangy style that makes them travel around the world, competing with imagination for the most wonderful facilities that awaken the child in each of us. This series composed of 6 characters for the moment (Coco, Fluffy Pop, Malfi, Buddy Chub, Popo and Mr. TTT) with three secret figurines that will be revealed a little later. I do not know exactly what they have eaten during their teenage years these two great fellows that are Sam and Arturo, but the modern art spark of a thousand lights and passes Disneyland for a gigantic satanic mass. Discover these charming bidibuses that make noise (since this is what it is about! Yes yes!) Who, fills happiness, are totally recommendable for children over 18 months and will be available from the month of February. WCT WCT2 WCT WCT WCT WCT WCT WCT WCT

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