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Article: Barry The Beaver by Jeremy Fish


Barry The Beaver by Jeremy Fish

Beaver That's it, there is, what the specialized adult press has been waiting for eternity, is finally within reach of ... hands. The toy for adult to his paroxysm! And in addition with a white slip! Jeremy Fish therefore proposes us Barry The Beaver out of Upper Playground in collaboration with Ningyousi. Regarding the translation you have several possibilities: either "Barry Le Castor", and we will say that this translation is most commonly used in the animal environment. As for the double meaning that the word Beaver contains, I let you inspire deeply, possibly make a little shot of Wordreference To comfort you, and then expire. Far too many people have always wondered when they penetrated for the first time in the enclosure of our space (sometimes wet as you have been able to notice, given some problems of passenger and sporadic water damage to bake the propriety and the conviviality of These places): "What is it for adult toys? But what kind of toys is it so? You are sure you can not put them on?". This last question that could have been heard when passing a visitor from the neighboring stall, regulars will know what I'm talking about. I use the conditional you will have noticed it, I do not imply that it can be a recurring remark, because the very large majority of people entering us know what he returns. Then you tell me, it is easy to disseminate in a post such equivocal terms and the gritty implies unworthy of my presence. But difficult to choose another axis of approach both the concomitance between the world of the collection and that of the solitary pleasure could not speak better than through these few words sorted on the pane (pussy). And shit BO I kept about twenty lines anyway ... Best of Both Worlds? Uh ... it's up to you to decide. Personally I find it fun and I love Jeremy Fish, I only have to grow the ... nothing nothing.

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