Yaya de Moe double studio changes color

WE ART DOING Chain the outputs of figurines and always brilliantly. Remember, they had exit The Sleeping Beauty of Coloror Instaboo with Jorc Studio. This time it's with MOE DOUBLE STUDIO They come back but not for a new figurine, for a new version of figurine! Her name is Yaya And is taken from a humorous and colorful design of Moe double studio. With an exit in Chocolate version last week, We Art Doing launches a plus pop and acidic version of the female character.

Yaya Graps, such as the name of this violet figurine very fun. Girl her arms balloon, yaya with mouth water thinking of all the delicacies she will be able to eat. After chocolate, they are cakes and purple macaroons that make him want. with Its sweets as a hair barrettes and its hairstyle made of monster chignons, Yaya is just adorable. Once again we find this dear degraded dear at We Art Doing ... we let you look on the side oftheir Instagram account for a total change of scenery.


Source: WE Art Doing Instagram

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