Yoskay Yamamoto collaborates with Giant Robot

Yoskay Yamamoto has become on the scene of Art Toys with delicacy and poetry as evidenced by its many pieces, of which CLEAR SIDEWAYS. Inspired by the West Coast culture in the United States, Yoskay Yamamoto does not hesitate to involve the palette so special. Yet for its new figurine, the suspense is whole. Presented on Instagram, this moon figurine is shown raw, just carved. Maybe she will be ceramic, monochrome? For that it will have to monitor his posts carefully, as well as those of Giant Robot.

Shop located in Los Angeles, Giant robot specialized in Asian pop culture but not that. In addition, the brand has GR2, a gallery where many international artists like Katsuya Trada are exhibited, Luke Chueh and of course Yoskay Yamamoto. Besides, it is this double culture (Japanese and American) that Yoskay Yamamoto draws the complexity and the sweetness of its figurines. With This new interpretation of Moon, the artist explores a more retro facet With a character in costume and melon hat. If no date, price or quantity have been revealed, there is no doubt that the impatience is real. In the meantime we let you discover more in detail the work of Yoskay Yamamoto.

Credits: Yoskay Yamamoto / Giant Robot

Source: Yoskay Yamamoto Instagram

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