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Article: Zombitoy by zombice


Zombitoy by zombice

Zombitoy But what is these little cats coming out of nowhere ?? What ? We only warn us now? Indeed a French team returns in the world of the toy / toy alternative by bringing a touch and a new flavor with the series of Zombitoy who will come out by the end of the month in self-production at Zombice. Know that not only these kittens look lovely, but in addition to that they incorporate added value into playfulness, it means we can play with for real. Lost ? Worry ? Plot ? Dissected? Curious ? Nothing of the sort ? Read the following:

Zombitoy is a series of four figurines 7 cm each, designed and produced by a team of French designers, zombicat. This series is composed of a pantheon of four deities to different personalities and powers. Each of the four characters contains an object or mechanism requiring your participation or that of a third party. Operating scenarios are offered in Toy Packaging: Sexual Game, Nor Yes Nor No, Maracas, action / truth.

Discover the 4 characters that make up the series after the beep:



Saba offers you in his transparent head a small spin that will allow you to play with 3 compatriots to a small game to drink. As we like in the north of France (and also in the south, finally in short anywhere). As you can see, the box itself contains the schematic explanation of the game that accompanies each of the figures. Here it's very simple simply turn my heart to know who will be next to lift the elbow.




A decision to take? Blow hard on the head of Adele to turn the circle and thus know what you need to do or not.



Ferurun will allow you to play tight glued with your partner since this mini game consists of a pair of dice that, once launched, will let you know if you have to kiss, listen, touch, caress, undress, to hush your partner (or your neighbor desktop, your guardian, your factor) and where the body precisely as indicated by the visual (head / mouth, neck, torso, belly, bas-belly, legs / feet).

A good way to unclog the colleagues when a pot start a little too soft to your liking.



Patabar has a series of small plastic balls that allow you to make maracas when they are slid inside the head. Figure out that this figurine is thermos, that is to say that the heat affects the color of the character. Charming idea.

Here is the boxes:


These zombified felled charming will be sold in an apparent box (the opposite of Blind Box, I do not even know how we call it yours) at a price of 8 €. There are two styles of arms in each box. The head is placed on a "joint ball" which makes you can rotate the transparent head at leisure. Each Toy is in 3 pieces to mount even more easily than a surprise kinder, without chocolate, certainly ...

Charming collection figures, at the graphics quite cool, with a beautiful peak of originality.

They will be available from the end of November.

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