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Article: Super Mario toys


Super Mario toys


It’s inevitable, no need to fight, I know very well that I’m going to crack. It’s not like I’ll convince myself for hours either, it’s won/lost in advance and it was written from the start. Like when you have to resolve to walk for 4 leads to go from point X to a point Y because a superior unionist force modifies your habits and your behaviors and you cannot do otherwise.

It's screwed up, I'm going to have to get the last episode of Mario's adventures: Super Mario Galaxy.

Honestly Mario He has much great, this qualifying adjective is in my opinion a little usurped but over time we are no longer really careful, as we no longer get care Michel when we go to Mamie on Sunday to eat cake. So yes it was great at a time ok, but passed the surprise effect we can't really roll on the ground with joy, shout in the corridors with the arms in the air.

Well it's not as if the idea itself put me off, I'm pretty happy to tell the truth, I didn't miss a lot of "early" episode (a first real mario on a new Nintendo console) from the start Salon video games, but I tell myself that still, the recipes are worn out and that we go back with a taste of deja-vu like when you go to your grandmother (the same as earlier) And that it comes out of the same rhubarb pie as the previous week.

As it is one of the most popular characters in pop culture of our generation (we have seen it grow up and known all its variations even the most horrible, as for example when they saw fit to exploit the License in Hollywood), it is normal for hundreds of trizilliards of derivative products to have emerged, from the most convincing to the most abject.

In terms of figurines and toys There are a lot of small pocket bullshit, more or less damn stuffed animals, Gashapon as if it was raining, each character or piece of the decor has found its way in the linear objects of objects in Japan. The small vinyl figurines that have been released lately is fairly clean and there are a lot of characters in different postures.

Mario DX Sofubi

We could see in certain stores of traditional toys and imports these remote -controlled small cars of Mario, Yoshi or Donkey Kong with a rather anecdotal result but in several versions and different sizes that can include accessories, it was a way to extend A bit of digital fun in its living room (a bit I said).

Mario Kart RC

Here are other platform games stamped Italian plumber Super that will be available in France on the day when my grandmother will put himself in Mario Galaxy:

Mario Gura Gura

Gura Gura 2

New Super Mario Bros. Guragura Game (Epoch): A tower, the joyful strip of characters, a dice, an ejector pipe, two ways to play: a very close to the JENGA where you have to arrange the pieces on the tower, making sure to keep the perfect balance without the rocking being Do, another that looks much more fun which would consist in catapulting Mario from the green pipe towards the tower.

Crystal Attack

New Super Mario Bros. Crystal Attack Board Game (Epoch): No doubt there, we understand in less time that it does not take the metro these days that it is a species of labyrinth on set which bows with a beautiful red joypad that will direct A good old iron ball. I doubt that we can really have fun as long as with a real joypad but it is a safe bet that the annoyance and excitement rate in the event of failure can push for the defenestration of the object. -mention.

Mario Golf

Nintendo Prize Series Family Computer Mario Golf Toy(Banpresto): With these toys taken from the universe of Mario Golf, we find more or less the concept of remote -controlled cars of Mario Kart except that a smaller space, like a table or an office, would be suitable for calm her nerves while trying to give this damn ball in this damn "hole" by pressing one of the keys of the reproduction of the Japanese Japanese Joypad (The famous Famicom, power of the name still not equaled to date). The most interesting would still be to unravel a real hole in the table using a drill of course.

But for me the top remains:

Mario Kart

Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart Race Set: TCR way of our youth, directing Mario Yoshi and Donkey on an electrical circuit seems to me to be the funniest way of continuing the fights in the middle of the show to the chagrin of the space gain. You can take the opportunity to swing real banana skins through the face, just for that worth it.

If your sensitivity to epilepsy prevents you from taking full advantage of the latest technological advances in video games, or if you are more of the followers of tray games rearraged by you like the double monopoly (with a 2e Plateau), the ass scrabble (you see or I want to come from it) or the pursuit strip-tier, you will find comfort in these colorful pantouflard games which require little brain available. It remains more than to find a way to have it sent that from Japan.

In the meantime you know what I'm going to do this weekend.

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