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Beastie Head

Beastie Head is the most exclusive editions of our Artoyz Originals label. This 30cm high and 6kg resin sculpture is distinguished by its material and its formal and chromatic complexity. Each of the 6 versions is limited to 50 copies, of which only 45 will be available. Beastie Head is a poetic and surreal creation, accompanied by a wooden certificate numbered and signed by artist Alexöne. To quote Oxmo Puccino, Alëxone is "an influential figure", a rare and precious character. We bet that his crazy universe will be able to crack more than a wise veneer.

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Beastie Head Blue EditionBeastie Head Blue Edition
Beastie Head Blue Edition Sale price499,90 €
Beastie Head Green EditionBeastie Head Green Edition
Beastie Head Green Edition Sale price499,90 €
Beastie Head Orange EditionBeastie Head Orange Edition
Beastie Head Orange Edition Sale price499,90 €
Beastie Head Red EditionBeastie Head Red Edition
Beastie Head Red Edition Sale price499,90 €
Beastie Head Gold EditionBeastie Head Gold Edition
Superman by Touma Sale price499,90 €
Beastie Head Purple EditionBeastie Head Purple Edition
Beastie Head Purple Edition Sale price499,90 €