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Crown Prince of the planet Muscla, Suguru (Muscleman), is thrown out of his parents' spaceship by mistake, when he is still a baby. Suguru becomes an adult and a Japanese citizen like the others. But a spacecraft crashes on earth, and its occupant who looks like Suguru, Mitsu, introduces himself to him and reveals his royal origins.

After failing in his attempt to bring Muscleman back to his home planet, Mitsu will support him in his quest to become a superhero, but Muscleman is unfortunately rather clumsy, ugly, a little stupid and above all very cowardly! And above all he will meet a whole gallery of characters, each more stupid and brutal than the other. Fortunately his father Kinnikuman will not hesitate to help him and he can count on the support of his lover (Mademoiselle Libellule), and the police !

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