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Find our collection of POSCA, these essential markers for artists.

Their popularity with street artists, illustrators and art lovers testifies to their effectiveness in writing on almost all areas!

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Posca PC-5MPosca PC-5M
Posca PC-5M Sale price4,30 €
Posca PC-3MPosca PC-3M
Posca PC-3M Sale price3,90 €
Posca PC-1MRPosca PC-1MR
Posca PC-1MR Sale price2,96 €
Posca PC-1MCPosca PC-1MC
Posca PC-1MC Sale price3,00 €
Posca PC-8KPosca PC-8K
Posca PC-8K Sale price5,50 €
Posca PCF-350Posca PCF-350
Posca PCF-350 Sale price6,30 €
Posca PC-17KPosca PC-17K
Posca PC-17K Sale price11,50 €